Marie, Ed and Brad are drinking coffee inside.
Marie: "So, are you out on bail, or did they drop the charges?"
Ed: "Well, it's like this..."

Ed: "We were just sitting there, since Melvecar wasn't doing much, when the wall exploded."
Brad: "Just as the flame said it would."

Ed: "Then we followed Squiffy outside, but went inside again."
Brad: "Kyra was there. I think she said she wanted to get us free."

Ed: "Except the policemen were going to shoot us if they found us first!"
Brad: "So we went to the bridge, but they had surrounded the closet so we couldn't get in."

Ed: "Right, so we just need a place to hide until we can contact Kyra."
Brad: "We were thinking of sending Squiffy to get Sqwendy to get her."
Marie: "Wait a minute..."

Marie gets angry.
Marie: "You guys ESCAPED FROM PRISON?!?"
Squiffy jumps up.
Squiffy: "And then I blew up the wall! Am I great or what?"
No comment from Ben available.
Yeah, I need to get back to drawing this thing regularly. Styles gettin' weird again, but that's just what good styles do... and bad styles too.

It's totally getting winter in France. Is it totally getting winter in not-France? I bet it is. Totally.

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